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Construction of various devices is one of processes that many people have tried but due to one reason or another they have been unable to do so, the process requires a lot of knowledge that most of the people usually lack. High skilled manpower is required in order for the process to be done in an economical, efficient and the most convenient way.

Production of high number of items is not done by using roughly estimated dimensions, it requires adequate knowledge which can be used in solving the optimization problems, every manufacturing company should focus on this aspect in order to make more incomes from the scarce resources available. Some products really needs to be produced in high rates due to their high demand, furthermore, they require high accuracy which is very difficult to achieve, therefore, it is the role of the producer to know the appropriate methods to employ in order to make sure this objective is achieved.

Manufacturing involves various activities which are done in different stages following a certain sequence, every stage usually has its contribution in the components and the appearance of the final product. The first step in manufacturing any medical device is drawing of the real object to be constructed through engineering drawing and design, the drawing should contain every data required in the construction of the actual device. The amount of tools to be produced using certain amount of resources is determined and optimization is done through calculations in order to have the minimum wastage possible, the appropriate dimensions are then given out. Good knowledge in mathematics is needed in order to be able to find the correct dimensions which will give the maximum number of devices using the same resources.

The drawing then given to other people for interpretation before starting the actual job. The manual work of producing the medical tools and equipment is started whereby high accurate machines are used. After the devices are made they are cleaned using radiations in order to kill any germs or bacteria which might cause infections when they are not removed. When the devices are made as it was intended, they are branded and packed ready to be sold. The inspection of the manufactured medical devices is done by various boards that are given the mandate to do so to ensure that they meet the set standards before they are taken to the market.

Large scale manufacturing of medical devices requires machines suitable machines which can really do the work easily because high energies are required to ease the process. Disposal or recycling of the wasted materials is done after completion of the whole manufacturing process, the materials are disposed in well manner to avoid any pollution of the environment. Handling medical equipment increases their durability hence every device should be handled properly.

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